Where do I even begin…..

Time has a funny way of showing you who they are and what they are capable of doing. Since my last blog post, my world had turned upside down. The love of my life unexpectantly passed away and this has changed my life forever. There is not a second that goes by that I am not thinking of him. We had goals, dreams and plans to make our lives such that it was better for him and I. This lost has totally rocked my world and I feel lost and empty and I am sufficating on my grief.  So much so that my perception of who I am and what I want to do in life is such of an urgency. I must start doing all that was on my #BucketList, but do it now. Not wait, but take steps to honor, cherish and do what I need to do. This since of urgency is so deep and heart wrenching. It takes over my thoughts day and night now, but Where do I begin….


Mussings of Life


Wow! Is this really me….

Today I finally opened up the email that I received about 2 days ago detailing my plan.  The dreaded plan that I must follow in order to get my health in order.  The email was from my trainer KT.  What I must do, how to work out, what to eat and Wow! is all I could say when I took my progress photos.  I am too ashamed to say that I have gotten waaayyyyy out of control since the summer and hope that my trainer can save me.  I really wanted to cry when I saw the photos. How did I let myself get this way and will this really work.  I plan on getting a treadmill in the Spring in order to help with my weight loss journey.  I know this isn’t going to be easy, but I have discovered some photos from a few years ago that is me and Wow do I want to get back to the old me.  This is not going to be easy, but I must do this now….


Mussings of Life,

Customer Service just sucks….

I have had a problem for now almost 2 months in which I have been trying to resolve.  At first it seemed like I would resolve my problem; however, as the time ticks, it seems to get worse.  I had to continually call the office to speak to a manager and on top of that, today took the cake!   I was given an appointment to help resolve my problem, but I was not available.  I told the company my availability however, they took it upon themselves to come when they wanted to.  I was so angry that I called the corporate office and now my case has been escalated to the Regional level due to the local offices lack and or ability to resolve my problem.  This makes me angry and not trusting the process….

Mussings of Life

The Beginning….or is it….

Today as I reflect on things that I want to do in life, I have discovered that I want to do a whole bunch! Write a book, become a clinical counselor, start a business,  generate income to leave to my daughter for many years to come, get in the best shape of my life.  All of these things need to start with multiple goals and some plans.

I have had goals for much of my life however, Life gets in the way and I get side tracked.  Like what I am doing right now, starting my blog.  Last year at this same time, I wanted to do so much, once again…I got side tracked.  I can say that last year this time I was drowning in debt, not this year.   I have paved the way for me to see a clear path and to stay that way.  It has not been easy but, with preparation things will continue to go as planned.  This coming year, I want things to be different and to stay different.  What can I do in order to make things different this year, 1. Get the motivation to move things forward and 2. break down my goals in small  measurable bites in order to succeed….


Mussings of Life